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Hi, I’m a professional bass player and songwriter currently living in Sweden.
I have a lot of experience playing live and in studio for numerous albums and songs. My specialties include rock, funk, R&B and pop and but i can play in almost any style. I play fingerstyle, slap, with pick, tap, thumb mute, etc

• Studio quality bass lines
• Creativity
• Friendly service
• Best price of the market

Here’s a list of my set-up:
Fender Jazz Bass (Four String)
Fender Jazz Bass Fretless (Four String)
Musicman Sterling (Four Strings)
Ibanez SR700 (Four strings)
A lot of effect pedals: Darkglass B7K, Sansamp Bass Driver DI, MXR envelope filter, MXR carbon copy, Digitech Bass Whammy, Aguilar Fuzzistor, etc
Aguilar Tone Hammer


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